Tom Jones Tribute Act by Ian Anthony!



Some snapshots from my visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I sang for the Welsh Association Annual Dinner Dance and also for a Dinner Dance at 'The Club' in Abu Dhabi.



This is a picture of one of the superb dinner tables set out for the Welsh Society Annual Dinner.

Each table had a picture of a famous Welsh man or woman in the centre.

Sir Tom Jones was pictured on one of the tables, as was Tommy Cooper!

I had no idea that Tommy was Welsh!




Another view of the dinner tables set out for the Welsh Society Annual Dinner.

They know how to do it in style don't they!






This huge chandelier cast a beautiful light over this section of the room.




If you look closely,you can see a picture of TJ in the middle of this table!

Well, you couldn't have a Welsh night without Sir Tom could you?!




This is a picture of one of the hundreds of impressive skyscraper buildings in Abu Dhabi.


Not to sure about the 'pink' colour scheme though!



Look at how close to each other these buildings appear to have been built !

It's actually a trick of the camera, the buildings are built with plenty of space around them. I don't think that land prices are an issue here?





The 'water feature' outside my hotel!


Almost as big as the one in my garden back at home!


The fountain was being visited by dozens of small birds that looked like swifts, which were taking a cool bath and a drink to keep them going in the heat.




Another shot of the fountain and sculpture.

Fantastic to look at and it actually made you feel cooler just by standing near to the water?




A distant shot of the 'Le Meridien' hotel that I stayed in whilst I was in Abu Dhabi.

The staff at the hotel actually thought that I was Tom Jones!

I had a team of four or five porters who met me at doors of the hotel and escorted me to my room every time I came in!




The staff at 'The British Club' really went to town on creating posters, menus, silhouettes and special lighting effects for my second gig.

'The Club', as it's known, is a fantastic place and well worth a visit if you get the chance.





One of the menus created specially for the

' Dinner and Tom Jones Tribute Night'





Twilight shot of the man made beach at 'The Club'




'The Club'

A beautiful place with a warm welcome!




The outdoor bar at The Club.

Some of the guests are wearing fleeces and cardigans as it got quite chilly during this March evening!







Ian Anthony Tom Jones Tribute Artist and Impersonator!