When I perform a Tom Jones Tribute show at your event, special occasion, or venue, I want to leave you with the impression that you have seen a true 'show' not just someone who turns up with a few speakers and sings.....!

With this in mind I have tried many different arrangements of lighting and sound equipment, always working on our principle of 'continuous improvement' to our stage set. In my opinion a tribute artist should provide a good quality lighting and sound system as standard, and we work hard to provide the best quality equipment available.

Whilst every situation is different due to room size, power supply etc. here are some examples of the equipment you can expect us to use at your event.


For anyone unfamiliar with sound systems, the mixer is the main control unit for overall sound volume, levels of bass/treble, vocal effects and the balance between backing music and the singers 'vocal'.

I use my favourite mixer, which is the Dynacord MP7

The MP7 has a fantastic combination of features which can provide anything from a 'Disco' based CD mixer to a full on concert from myself! The vocal effects are the best I have heard and, used together with my powered speaker system, provides a superb 'mix' which compares to much more exotic systems.

As with all major components of our sound and lighting system, we carry a backup 'Mackie' mixer should the worst happen and our main mixer develop problems. My Tom Jones Tribute act is built to be reliable and of the highest quality!



Backing Tracks:

Good music starts with a top quality sound-track. Like all sound systems, if you put rubbish in, you will get rubbish out! As a leading Tom Jones Tribute artist, I want the best sounding backing tracks that I can find.

Our sound-tracks are uniquely produced by the best engineer we could find, which ensures that we put the highest quality sound product into our sound system. With a fully synthesized orchestral arrangement, which has been mixed and balanced uniquely to our system, you can be sure that you are getting the best available music tracks for you and your guests!

We use 320 kps, CD Transparent Audio as the basic recording settings for our backing tracks. We also carry a mini-disc player and extra sound track discs as a complete backup system.



I now use a pair of the world renowned 'Mackie SRM 450's',

together with.......

A pair of 'Mackie SWA 1501 sub-woofers'.

These speakers are the best in their class,

bar none!

'Mackie' speakers and mixers are highly respected by Tribute Artists all around the world and we are proud owners of this wonderful new sound system.



With grateful thanks to the 'Mackie' corporation and 'Loud Technologies' for use of these images.

Our Mackie 'SRM 450' speakers take care of all the middle and high range sound frequencies, providing a wide and even spread of super accurate sound. These state of the art speakers produce superb vocal reproduction and a fabulous musical presence at any venue.

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Tom Jones Tribute Artist and Impersonator Ian Anthony


With grateful thanks to the 'Mackie' corporation and 'Loud Technologies' for use of these images.

As if that wasn't enough, we also use a set of Mackie SWA 1501 sub-woofer speakers. If you have ever been to a live music performance where the sound quality was full and rich, without the need for excessive volume, this was probably due to good use of this type of speaker.


The result of pairing these speakers is that our sound system can play superbly well from the lowest volume right up to full concert sound levels if required!

With grateful thanks to the 'Mackie' corporation and 'Loud Technologies' for use of these images.


This fantastic speaker system is 'managed' via the latest available technology, the 'Driverack Powered Speaker Management System'.

The Driverack system constantly monitors and automatically alters the speaker settings, to provide the best blend of sound for your entertainment.

Do you recall hearing that painful 'feedback' squeal through the speakers at a live music performance? The Driverack system constantly checks for feedback frequencies and cuts them dead, before the audience hear a thing!


With grateful thanks to 'dbxpro professional products' for use of this image.


Please remember: We will set the volume levels for your comfort and enjoyment at your event!

My Tom Jones Tribute act is about fun and enjoyment and we know that some artists simply play at an uncomfortably loud volume! Just let us know what sound levels you require and we will accommodate your wishes, no problem!



We use a combination of colour wash, spotlights, strobe lights, and 'gobo' systems to create a fabulous and varied light show on stage.

We use a 'DMX' lighting control desk to provide full control over the type of lights in use at any given time, plus the ability to vary the intensity of lighting from a full stage 'blackout' to 6,000 watts of brilliant light on stage!

The main lighting component for our Tom Jones Tribute show is a pair of the DMX controlled 'I-COLOUR 4' lighting units.

The IC4's provide a powerful wash of colours on the stage, creating the mood for each song.

( Guess which colour we use for the Green, Green Grass of Home ?! ).

With grateful thanks to 'ebdj' for use of this image.



Also new for 2009 is our LED lighting system, which consists of two ultraviolet or 'black' spotlights and two powerful white spotlights/strobes.

If you have been to an event where the in-houselighting makes your white shirt, your teeth and anything else white 'glow in the dark' then you are probably in range of their U/V lighting.

If you aren't under U/V lights and your clothes are glowing, it's probably time to sit down and have a soft drink!!!


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The LED white spotlights are used to provide a crystal clear white light for the stage area and gives you and your guests a full view of the show.



With grateful thanks to 'Life is Music' for use of these images.



We use a moving pattern of coloured lights on the walls and ceiling around the performance area, which creates an eye catching backdrop to the show!

This is achieved by use of two Skytronic Mushroom lighting units....

These are very powerful lighting units and produce their effect even through the main lighting during our Tom Jones Tribute show!

With grateful thanks to 'cybermarket' for use of this image.