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Tom jones tribute

See a clip from this classic Sci-fi comedy movie right here…….

Mars Attacks!


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Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony

Sir Tom Jones - Action Hero!

With a mega cast including Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close, Michael J Fox, Jack Black and other great stars, this film….

 ‘Mars Attacks’ ……

…….is one of the best and funniest Sci-Fi films that I’ve ever seen!

With it’s beginnings in 1996, the film was directed by no other than Tim Burton and, as you can see from the list up above, there was no skimping on actor quality when the casting team got to work on deciding who was going to be asked to play the main characters in the story.

In the clip from the film that I’ve chosen ( see top of page ) You see our hero Sir T.J. Singing a really good version of ‘It’s Not Unusual’ with a band and backing singers live on stage to a very happy audience.

I really like the way Tom sings this particular version of his hit song and it’s a pity there isn’t a bit more to see and listen to before the aliens rudely interrupt the concert!

Watch out for the moment when the backing singers are replaced by three aliens who attempt to do their own interpretation of out of this world harmony !!!

Tom very wisely makes a fast exit offstage when the aliens start to use their ray guns to blast the stage and the audience. He uses his big voice to shout to the other dancers and actors back-stage to ‘get out quick’ and then sticks around to help Jim Brown, who plays the huge and physically impressive Pharoah impersonator in the film, to knock out one of the aliens and get everyone to safety.

Considering the all-star cast and some very good singing and acting ( yes acting! ) By Sir Tom, it’s a real surprise that this film has developed more of a cult following, rather than a larger fan following?

There are tons more clips out there on Youtube and the full movie is still available via the bigger suppliers such as Amazon etc.

Well worth a watch on its own merit, Tom Jones fans should definitely watch this fun and entertaining sci-fi action film even if it’s just to see the man himself in an acting role. He does a great job with the lines and part given to him and really helps to give the film an even more surreal but totally fascinating feel for the watcher. Good job Tom!

Watch out for more articles about ‘The Legend’ coming soon to this website!

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Ian Anthony - UK Tom Jones Tribute Artist and T.J.  fan.

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Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony!

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