Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson have a chat!

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Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson ‘have a chat’!


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Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony

Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson have a chat !

As they say ‘The camera is always on you when you’re a celeb!’

And it was very true for this funny, entertaining and informative video of a chat between Sir Tom and his fellow judge, Ricky Wilson, on ‘The Voice’ UK this week!

Ricky ( Charles Richard "Ricky" Wilson (born January 17th, nineteen seventy eight ) is the lead singer for the Kaiser Chiefs. They are a 5 piece group, with their ‘roots’ in the Leeds area of Yorkshire, U.K.

There is definitely an element of ‘bromance’ here as Ricky tells Tom how much he likes his tie and his knees! Yes, Sir Toms knees!

Apparently this is because ‘they hold a legend up above them’

Quite true really?

Apparently Ricky doesn’t like anyone getting too close to him, so it’s no wonder he looks a bit uncomfortable in the photograph above, where Sir Tom has him in a man hug! I get the impression that Ricky is thinking ‘hurry up and take the photograph!!!!’

Ricky describes looking into Toms eyes as ‘like falling into a mediterranean swimming pool’ .

Won’t be many of the ladies who would disagree with that I reckon????

Tom gets to say that he likes being touched and loves a massage! No surprises there either!

It’s a really good few minutes of video and gives us a chance to see the comedy timing of Sir T.J. and how he is still the king of cool even in these unusual circumstances.

Nice job fellers, and thanks for putting this together for us fans!

This ‘selfie’ of Sir Tom hs nothing to do with the story, but I thought I’d just throw it in for your delectation!

He’s still looking great and fit as a fiddle. Wonder when his next album is coming out?

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