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Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony

Tom Jones sings hits from the ‘Spirit In The Room’ Album !

Here’s some video that I’ve only just seen. It’s a concert by Sir Tom during WXPN’s Non-COMMvention at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. The concert took place in May, 2013 and TJ sang tracks from his album, ‘Spirit In The Room’.

There has been a lot of discussion over in the USA about Tom changing his act to cover the type of songs that he is recording from dance, ballads, soul etc. to a more gospel style?

Some critics were unsure at first, but the general reception has been superb, with many ‘record of the week’ nominations and tributes and critical acclaim by the biggest noises in the American music culture.

As ever, people have varied opinions on just how much they like or dislike his new stuff, but after watching this great concert I can’t understand how anyone can’t love it!

The set list for the show included all of the best tracks from the Spirit In The Room album, plus more songs inspired by Johnny Cash and John Lee Hooker.

You may have heard that Tom used to sing these songs together with his good friend Elvis Presley whilst they were in Las Vegas, and I can just imagine the two of them together, with a couple of beers, harmonizing and busking their way through these fantastic songs. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for these impromptu concerts!

Once again the master of reinvention has produced songs and presentation that keeps him in the public eye and right at the top of the leaderboard of international artists. Keep it up Sir Tom, quality counts and you’ve got it by the bagful!


Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did and please call back for more Facebook News videos as I add them to this page.

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Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony!

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