Tribute to Tom Jones - The Tiny Desk Concert

Tom Jones sings - The ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ !

I just came across this video on Youtube and wondered how many of Sir Toms fans had actually seen it?

The story behind the video is that a presenter called Bob Boilen came up with the concept of a competition which brought all kinds of musicians and vocalists into his everyday working office, where they would sing a medley of their songs.  It’s called the ‘Tiny Desk Concert’

There’s a nice Youtube overview by Bob here

The whole recording is done in a very ‘stripped down’ way, with a bare minimum of vocal effects for the artist and mainly the use of acoustic guitars and other instruments as the backing music.

It sounds very raw and natural and, in my opinion, gives a real insight and a very rare opportunity  to hear artists as they really are! No auto-tune, reverb, echo, sustain…etc here!

Tom looks uncharacteristically nervous for this one and he starts off a bit ‘tight’ but soon gets into gear and begins to enjoy himself with the small group of people crammed into the office to watch him!

Watch out for Tom’s son, Mark,  as he comes forward to mop Toms brow  between songs and checks if he is ok! Now that’s what I call a hands on manager, good on you Mark!

Altogether a great video clip and a great concept from Bob Boilen.

My favourite part of the video? When Tom sings ‘End Of The Road’, a big hit from Jerry Lee Lewis, who is one of T.J.’S biggest musical influencers from way back in the 1950’s.


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The ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ #3!


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