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Did he really want to ban the song ‘Delilah’ ?……

You might remember that a few weeks ago everyone was talking about a Welsh singer and songwriter wanting to stop people singing ‘Delilah’ at major Welsh sport events?

Cries of outrage, mine included, were all over Facebook and the national news!

As a Tom Jones Tribute Artist, this is one of my biggest crowd pleasers and an iconic ballad that just can’t be missed out of my show!

The poor guy who was under the spotlight for his comments was Dafidd Ywan, who had a bit of a general rant about what type of songs, hymns etc. were being sung at the sports events.

Nothing too serious you might think, but he hit a nerve when he criticised the singing of the song ‘Delilah’ and went on to analyze some of the words of the song!

The press went to town on him, basically accusing him of wanting to stop the song being sung at national events? Whether that was what he really wanted we’ll probably never know, but he certainly started a storm that quickly got out of control!

He apparently made the comments in an interview - it’s recorded here ……

URL: http://www.cristnogaeth21.org/?p=666

…..but it is in Welsh, so unless you know the language well, you might need to copy and paste it into Google Translate!

That’s what I did and, with a few minor amendments where Google Translate couldn’t quite cope, I got the following translation.


‘But the game need to ask seriously whether this song, "Delilah", should be recognized as this is our main national arena . The Welsh connection of course is Tom Jones, and that is the only Welsh connection. But have you ever considered the words? The story simple enough - The singer sees Delilah in the arms of another man, he knocks on her door in the morning and stabs her to death. Well, fair play, she was standing in the doorway laughing at him! ("Forgive me Delilah I just could not take any more").

 Should this, in all honesty, be what we are singing in front of everyone at a major international, between two hymns?

That’s pretty much it and if you want any more of the interview, the link is there!

After being slaughtered by everyone, Dafydd was brave enough to offer a further explanation of his points in an article placed in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper on the 17th of December…….

URL: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/dec/17/tom-jones-delilah-banned-dafydd-iwan  

…….which predictably didn’t cause a similar media frenzy, but he basically explains how he never intended to call for a ban on the singing of any song and would never want to.

He asks if the words of the songs being sung at the events actually have any meaning or relation to the sporting occasion and I actually agree to some point. The singing is usually a great chance for everyone to get involved and create a fantastic atmosphere for the game ahead, so a big anthemic number like Delilah is perfect!

Ah well, I wonder who the next poor so and so will be to be savaged by one and all? Hope it isn’t you or me folks!

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