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How far will you travel to perform your Tom Jones Tribute Show?........

Ian Anthony performs his show throughout the UK and Internationally, so there are no limits to the distance he can travel to your venue. Please call or use our 'contact' page to get a very accurate quote for a performance in your area.

Will you charge an extra fee for travel costs or overnight accomodation?

All artists will charge additional fees for travel and accomodation if needed, even if they don't openly say so!

We make every effort to reduce these fees to the minimum and usually charge £1 per mile, one way, from our base to your venue. This covers transportation of the artist, his stage-wear, sound and lighting equipment for your show etc.

If accomodation is required we will normally access a Premier Inn or similar to keep costs down and ensure a very competitive quote for you.

How much do you charge for the Tom Jones Tribute Act, without travel costs or accomodation?

This will vary, depending on arrival time, set up time and what time we can take down our sound and lighting equipment and exit the venue.

We willl also take into consideration the type of event and the number of tickets sold etc. So, for instance, we will always try to charge a reduced fee for Charity Events and a more standard fee for private bookings and ticketed events.

The only way to give you an accurate quote is by speaking with us or by completing the 'contact' form on our website contact page, so please don't hesitate to call or send in your details!

There is absolutely NO PRESSURE from us! We are very happy to discuss your event with you and, even if we don't get your booking, we can probably offer you help and advice in planning your event and/or booking an artist.

What guarantee do I have that you will turn up on the night and perform your Tribute Show?

Don't take a chance on an artist who just gives you a promise or an e-mail saying they will be there!

There are some real horror stories of artists promising to do a gig, then making themselves un-contactable just weeks or days before the event, as they have made a better paid deal with someone else, leaving you and your guests completely in the lurch!!!!

Unlike many other acts, Ian Anthony offers a rock solid, industry standard contract, to guarantee his attendance.

The contract is designed to give both you and the artist peace of mind about the performance and a very successful show for you and your guests!

The contract is sent via the world renowned 'Adobe' Echosign system and provides you and us with a jointly signed contract, for your peace of mind.

It also provides guidance on how to ensure that arrival, equipment set up and performance timing is done really efficiently.

Our motto is ' NO STRESS !' and we mean that for both you, us and your guests. A happy artist and audience are the recipe for a great night of entertainment and that's what we genuinely aim to achieve!














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Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony - The U.K's Premier Tom Jones Tribute Artist and Impersonator!