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Tom Jones Tribute Act

by Ian Anthony

PICTURES… from live shows and the studio!

Here are some photo galleries for you to take a look at….

They are a mixture of live stage shots, pictures of the crowd, venues Ian has sung at and many more great snapshots of places he has visited on tour.

Hope you like them!

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There are some ‘controls’ down to the bottom right of the viewer.

You can use them if you want to pause the show, or see a particular photograph..

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Here’s some photographs of a superb outdoor concert in the grounds of Abergavenny Castle..

…And some more at the Eccles Rugby Union Club Annual Ladies Night!

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Just some of the fabulous places and venues that Ian Anthony has performed his live Tom Jones Tribute Act at…..

Some of these venues are truly awesome places to visit on their own, so adding a Tom Jones show to the mix made them absolutely un-missable!

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A visit to Dubai was a great way to meet up with all the Welsh ‘Ex-Pats’ out there and entertain them all in the true Tom Jones style!

Here’s a few of the pictures Ian took whilst out there….


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