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Here's a list of questions which I'm frequently asked about my Tom Jones Tribute Show.......

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If the question isn't there, just give me a call on 07908 224 933 or Email me at and I'll get straight back to you with an answer.

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Sound and Lighting Information and Technical Specs.

Tribute to Tom Jones by Ian Anthony Anthony

Ian Anthony has spent fifteen years perfecting his Tribute to 'The Voice'  - Sir Tom Jones...


His show is designed around the live stage show from the fabulous 'Las Vegas' years! 


He has an excellent reputation within the industry and is renowned for his Tom Jones sound-alike singing voice, stagecraft and professionalism.

You can rest assured that when you book Ian Anthony, you are booking a reliable and professional artist with a strong reputation for reliability and customer care!

How do I book the show?

There are a few ways to do this.........

You can contact us by telephone on 07908 224 933 and discuss your event with us?


1. We can check all of the details with you over the phone and provide an accurate quote for your event.

The first thing to check is the date of your event against Ian's availability.

If Ian is free on the date of your event, we can email you a written quote straight away.

2.     You can email us at ' ' and check availability and cost, no problem.

3.   You can use the online form on this web page to check availability and to get a quote for your event.

What information do we need from you?

We will need ...........


The date of your event


 The address of the venue 

The type of event ( wedding, birthday, hotel night, corporate event etc. )

How many guests do you expect to be there

The time we can arrive to set up equipment and sound-check

What time you wish the show to start and finish.

How long is the show?

The Tom Jones Tribute Show can be either one full hour or 2 x 40 minute sets with a break between.

We can also supply background music before and between time on stage if needed.

A typical event would have arrival for us at about 5 pm to set up sound and lighting and sound-check before guests arrive at 7 - 7.30 p.m.

The one hour Tom Jones Tribute Show would be at around 9 or 10 p.m.


The 2 x 40 minute show would typically start at 9 p.m. and finish at 11 p.m. with a 30 minute break.

What songs will Ian Anthony sing?

Ian has a set list of songs which has been developed over many years of experience with audiences around the world!

He will sing many of the 'Greatest Hits of Tom Jones', plus popular songs from his live show.

The accent is on fun and enjoyment for the audience, so there are plenty of upbeat songs, such as 'It's Not Unusual' , 'Kiss' , ' Sexbomb ' etc. blended with some classics such as ' The Green, Green Grass of Home ' and ' I'll Never fall In Love again '

All of the songs are coordinated with his fabulous state of the art sound and lighting system, which caters for up to 150 guests and small to medium sized venues as standard.

What will Ian wear and how will he appear?

Ian will model his look on the very popular 'Las Vegas' costume that Tom Jones wore in the 70's and 80's!

He will typically wear a dress shirt with lace frill, black fitted trousers, Cuban heeled black boots and, of course, the belt with a large silver buckle to add the finishing touch to  a real show outfit that has the 'wow factor' for your guests.


What does he sound like?

You can check the videos on this website to see and hear Ian Anthony at work!

He is renowned for his Tom Jones sound-alike voice and his ability to impersonate the moves, dance and accent of the original star, so you can be sure that you will get the closest thing available to the original at your special event!

What equipment do you bring with you?

Most venues will have the space to provide for the set up shown  in the picture and video below.......

But we can tailor the size of the performance area to smaller venues if needed.




How and when do I pay you for the show?o


Most bookings will be made by a 50% deposit, followed by a bank transfer of the balance one week before the event date. Some bookings will be via payment in cash on the night of the event, immediately after sound-check.

This gives you, the customer, the chance to listen and see Ian and his sound and lighting rig, so you can have confidence that you and your guests are going to get a top quality show!

Payment after sound-check gives Ian confidence that all transactions are completed and he can give his full attention to putting on a superb Tom Jones Tribute Act!

What guarantee do I have that you will turn up on the day?

This is a very fair question!

Ian will always provide you with a written industry standard contract that guarantees the booking date for you and he will never offer your date to anyone  else after contracts are signed.

There are cancellation clauses to check, but these are similar to those used by other top professional artists and agencies all around the U.K.

All contracts are sent and received via the world famous 'Adobe Sign' system, which is another layer of security and reassurance for you as the customer!

My venue are asking me for a PAT certificate re equipment safety testing and a

P.L.I. insurance document.  How do I get these?

We can send you a copy of these certificates by email, no problem.

Ian always carries the originals with him to all performances, so they are available for anyone needing to see them.

Ian has all of his sound and lighting equipment PAT tested annually for safety and he carries up to £10 million pounds of Public Liability Insurance via his Equity Membership.

Tom Jones Tribute by Ian Anthony

Your Number 1 choice for Live Entertainment!

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