Tom Jones 30 greatest hits front cover.j
Tom Jones 30 greatest hits back cover.jp

As part of my research into the Live Shows done by Sir Tom, I've watched tons of DVD's and Youtube vids, and listened to as many of his 'Live' recordings as I can.

One of the best compilations of live songs is this one, the '30 Greatest hits' album.

It has a really wide variety of songs, from ballads and love songs, to rock and roll, and you get a real feel of the live performance coming through on many of the tracks.

I have a feeling that many of the tracks will match up with the videos on Youtube

with T.J. in his sparkling jacket and frilly shirt mode, many of which will be staged in his early Las Vegas years?

A really good album and well worth a listen if you are a fan!

I'm not on any commission for this, just trying to be helpful!