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Christmas with Tom Jones....

Tom Jones Christmas DVD
A DVD of Toms Christmas shows in 1969!

One of my favourite shows in the late 1960's was the ' This Is Tom Jones ' TV show!

Tom managed to get some of the very best singers, dancers and entertainers of the era on his show, then went on to duet and dance with all of them. The show was a massive hit during its two year run and is a great example of the fabulous music of the sixties.

I was looking at some Tom Jones weblinks today and I found this classic. it's a DVD of the Christmas Shows from 1969 and 1970!

The link is to an Amazon sales page ( I'm not connected or sponsored by them! ) and I checked out the background story to the DVD and the delighted 'customer reviews' on the page, which are great to read.

If you want to take a look at the page, the link is below for you. But be careful you don't accidentally buy the DVD, it costs $191.00. Yes, One Hundred and Ninety One Dollars!


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