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Tom Jones - The News Page!

Tom Jones 2019 picture in red jacket
Sir Tom Jones on the red carpet!

This is my latest Blog Post and it's a list of 'links' to the latest 'Tom Jones' news on the World-wide Web..........So if you like to hear the latest news about Sir Tom or what's happening on my Tribute scene, this is a great place to look!

I'll be updating this Blog Page at least once a week, and straight away if there is any major news about Sir Tom himself, or about my own Concerts and performances!

Feel free to check-in and have a look anytime!

' WALES ONLINE ' ............ Sunday - 2nd of June, 2019

This is a link to the Wales Online newspaper, with some good articles on what Sir Tom has been up to recently.

Some good pictures and stories that I've not seen/read before?

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