So what sound and lighting equipment will you bring to the Tom Jones Tribute Act?



OK, for most of you out there, sound and lighting equipment will be a bit of a mystery?


Speakers, lights, mixers, microphones, banners.......the list goes on, but the right setup is vital for your event to enjoy a big, warm sound, that's not harsh or too loud, but has that magic quality of being great to listen to all night long!

So, here's a helpful guide to how I use my sound and lighting setup to its very best during my Tom Jones Tribute Act, and how I produce the best possible light show and quality of sound for you and your guests.


I've set this guide up as a kind of questions and answers page, and you can click on a 'Quick Link' below to get to each Question and Answer without having to scroll down......


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Mixer and Speaker Management System



Power supply for the equipment

Getting equipment In and Out of the venue

Set up times

Performance Area size and safety considerations.

P.A.T. Equipment Safety Testing Certificate and P.L.I. Public Liability insurance Cover.

What type of speakers will you use at the show?

dxr 15 front.jpeg

Great speakers and a superb sound - The Yamaha DXR-15 powered speakers!

I use a pair of the latest YAMAHA DXR-15 HD powered speakers as the main sound producers for my Tom Jones Tribute Act.

These speakers have a very accurate, full, warm sound, and don't distort or sound harsh when you use them at high volume.

You may have been to a Disco or live entertainment show where the sound was harsh on your ears, or just doesn't sound right?

Good quality speakers are a must when trying to achieve the best sound quality possible at your event.

The speakers are usually mounted on poles/stands, out to the left and right of the singer and slightly in front of their position. This will provide a very enjoyable and natural stereo sound for you and your guests.

I have additional speakers with me as backup on the night, and for larger venues.

The speakers need an electrical supply and a sound cable lead to function.

The speakers should not be too close to the singer, or behind them, as this can cause 'feedback' ( that howling noise you sometimes hear at live events! ) so plenty of performance area is ideal.

An ideal performance area for the sound and lighting at my Tom Jones Tribute Show would be at least 8 metres wide by 3 metres deep, from front to back.

I can work with smaller performance areas, but this can limit the sound volume of the performance and how much I can throw myself around while dancing, lol!



Do you have your own lighting for the show?

I certainly do!


Any professional Tribute Act will carry their own lighting setup and I'm very happy to say that my own lighting set is very impressive!

There are some  pictures of the lighting units I use below this text section. There are similar lights either side of stage during my Tom Jones Tribute Act.

The red light at the front is a very powerful LED lighting unit, which can produce all colours of red, yellow, blue, etc. and also a white spotlight effect. Strobes and flashing lights are also available if appropriate.

This unit is mainly used as a colour wash all over the performance area and as a nice lighting effect before the show starts!

The green light at the back is a very sophisticated laser unit, which produces red and green patterns on the back of the performance area and also on the dance floor.

Both of these lights are controllled from my laptop, via 'Showmagic' software.

This software allows me to have unique lighting changes for every song, plus stage blackouts and full on lights between songs as required.

These units are small, but very powerful and can easily fill your venue with coloured lights and lasers.

They add a touch of class to my Tribute Act and have been used at birthdays, weddings, corporate events and many other concerts that needed some special lighting effects.